amazing_universe-1280x1024Deception is one of the characteristics of this end times, many will be deceived, for some the deception will lead to greater deception and will prove fatal, for others it will not be fatal but it will hinder them from the full potential of what there is in Christ Jesus.

It is deception to claim to walk in light and manifest the fruits of darkness, it is deception to claim to be what you are not, deception can be based on ignorance, innocence or simplicity but it is deception nonetheless, deception can be deliberate or willful, it is deception still.

There is a difference between one who is himself false and one who has been corrupted by falsehood.

An evil tree brings forth evil fruit consistently even when the fruit seems good, it is evil because it is rooted in corruption and deception, so that when Satan speaks truth it is of evil because the purpose of his speaking truth is to deceive and mislead, in that way nothing good can ever come out of the devil