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A lot of people still wonder does healing still happen?, many are quick to agree that Jesus did heal the sick while he was on earth, but they are not so sure if it still does happen today. I truly understand those with legitimate and honest doubts, what I find difficult to understand are the few who just refuse to believe simply because they don’t want to, maybe it does not fit into their theology or their ‘world view’.
Healing still does happen, and I say this based on three points of facts, firstly Jesus said, healing would continue through his followers even long after he has left, you can see John 14:12 and Mark 16: 15-19.
The experience of the early Church bears this out, many of the chapters of the book of Acts contain accounts of healings and miraculous events performed by the followers of Jesus simply because of faith in the Name of Jesus. (Acts Chapter 3), the early Church fathers who succeeded the Apostles also give many accounts of healings and miraculous works (Iraneus, Augustine and many others testified of this)
In more recent times, God has blessed the Church with notable healing ministries all over the world that have countless verifiable testimonies of God’s healing power, for example ,under the ministry of the late John G. Lake there were at least 100,000 verified healing testimonies in Spokane, this led to the city being tagged the healthiest city in the world. There are countless people believers and some who did not seem to believe then, all over the world who have either received or ministered healing at one time or the other in their lives, and I am one such person.
I believe that in these days when there is such an upsurge in sickness and infirmity that has left humanity reeling and grasping for almost every kind of solution, God in His great love is releasing upon the earth a massive wave of healing and deliverance for those who will believe and come to him for help.
Healing is a manifestation of God’s love and power; I really believe that as people we have no understanding of the depths of His love and mercy and what He will do for those who believe.
In summary I believe healing still happens today because
1. Jesus said it will continue
2. There is proof that it is still so

What is more important to me is whether you will believe God for your own healing and deliverance.

Please watch this video of healing at work through faith in Jesus Name