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A few days ago as I was reading through the first chapter of the book of Matthew, a scripture verse caught my eye, and filled me with thoughts of the loveliness, goodness and power of our God and His Christ.

Look at this

“And Jesse begat David the king, and David the king begat Solomon of he that had been the wife of Urias”

In Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus three women are mentioned and each one had a special story to tell, Bathsheba who was mentioned here was the wife of Uriah, a commander in the army of David

David had committed adultery with her and when he found out she was pregnant killed her husband in order to cover up his sin, he then went on to marry her. (you can read the story in 2Sam. 11)

I am not sure you will find a story more revealing of the extent to which man can fall even among God’s servants in the bible, yet there is something to learn here that I want you to see, God did not hide the fact of David’s sin and failure, He could have simply said ‘David begat Solomon’ and left it at that, but he did not, I believe He wanted us to see that He was able to bring out the best from the worst.

Out of what was built on a foundation of lust, adultery, guilt, murder and deception, God was able to bring forth what was glorious, Solomon one of the greatest kings of Israel was eventually born to the union between David and Bathsheba, ‘she that had been the wife of Uriah’

Did God condone David’s sin? No! David’s sin had its consequences, for one, the child that Bathsheba was pregnant with at first died. Even so God wanted us to see that with forgiveness comes healing and restoration, our sin and failure may have consequences here on earth, but it will not hinder God from bringing out His best from our worst, if we let Him.

One of the most comforting scriptures I have seen is in the eighth chapter of the book of Romans, it says God is able to make all things work together for good to those that love him and who are called according to His purposes. V. 29

All things whether good or not so good, even our mistakes, sins and failures can be valuable material in the hands of our mighty God. Halleluiah

God is not a man, men throw away the broken and the wounded, God heals and restores, look at Tiger Woods and how a once adoring world were quick to trample him down.

That is not the way of our God

Thank God, He is not a man.

You may have had a similar experience, you may be broken and wounded, fallen and defeated by your sin, please know this God forgives, God heals, even if man won’t, and He can bring out the best from your worst, that is if you will trust Him to do so.

The bible is full of a long list of men and women too, from God brought out the best from the worst.

Look at them-

Moses was a murderer, Abraham a liar, Jacob swindled and cheated, Rahab and Mary Magdalene were prostitutes, Saul of Tarsus (Apostle Paul) was a persecutor and a murderer, the list continues.

Have you fallen short in any way? There is forgiveness and healing, have you failed? There is restoration and hope.

I pray that you will embrace ever so closely this God who can bring out His best from your worst.