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There was nothing that could match the sense of wonder and praise that filled the conference hall of the Jobaddy Hotel venue of the 1st edition of the one day of healing, with the healing of an elderly woman who had been blind for the last five years.

Mrs Abosede Adeyemi or ‘Mama’ ,as we will call her, was brought to the meeting on the hands of a young man (in white shirt), according to him mama became blind five years ago and they didn’t really know what was wrong with her, they got the information about the program from the fliers that were shared in their church so they decided to attend.

As mama came out for prayer, she knelt on the floor expectant, when Pastor Oliver laid his hands on her and rebuked the blindness and commanded her sight to be restored, he began to move his hands around her and asked her if she could see what he was doing, Mama indicated by doing what he was doing that she could see his hand , Pastor then asked the young man if she had that ability before, but to the shock of every one the young man replied that Mama could not see a thing before that time, the excitement and surprise in his voice was apparent, as he said this there was a buzz of excitement in the hall as everybody was following the scenario with very much interest.

Pastor then laid hands on the woman again and prayed for ‘20/20 vision, perfect sight’ and he asked mama what she saw, everybody erupted in praise as Mama replied ‘I can see your shirt’ there was shouting and singing as ‘Mama ‘ broke out in dance, praising God, it was a sight to behold.
The funny thing was seeing the young man attempting to take Mama’s hand after the prayers to lead her back to her seat and Mama pushing away his hand as if to say ‘I can make my own way now, thank you’.

Thank you Jesus!