Sickness is evidence of a malfunction whether in a human body, an economy, a relationship or a situation.

On the basis of this definition, it is safe to conclude that creation and indeed everyone is sick in one way or another.

Lest we get confused about this, to determine what is ‘sick’ or not, we only need to consider its present state as compared with it original state, that is its state at the point of creation.

Consider this

Your car may still be moving, but if it misfiring it is sick, your heart may still be beating but if you cannot walk ten steps without losing your breath, you are sick, do you get it?

What is sickness?

Sickness is dis – ease
Sickness is dis – harmony
Sickness is im – balance
Sickness is mal – function
Sickness is incipient death
Sickness is death in progress.

Man has struggled against all form of sickness from the fall till this day. But God has provided a solution to the sickness problem.

Jesus went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil. (Acts 10:38)

He healed them all.

Can God?

God is the manufacturer of creation including humanity (Genesis 1:1) He holds the specifications for all that he has made. If man will return to God’s specifications for living, healing will naturally follow.

He sent His word and healed them and delivered them from their destruction.

The word is a revelation of these specifications.

Jesus is the word illustrated the word in human form. (John1:1,2 14)

Prayer and faith are your means of reconnection to God and experiencing His manifest power.

Think about it like this.

When your car begins to malfunction, you go to the manufacturer, sometimes you visit a qualified trained mechanic with a good working knowledge of how the car is supposed to function.

How and where did the mechanic get the knowledge? From the manufacturer’s manual.

Visiting the manufacturer manual means reaching into your bible and receiving His wisdom.

God does not want you sick

Which manufacturer wants to see a product malfunction?

The product is the glory of the creator, every self-respecting manufacturer delights in the integrity of his product, he is jealous over it and goes to great length to ensure that it works optimally.

He provides a reasonable guarantee or a warranty, offers after sales service and ensures a ready supply pf parts.

God is the creator or the manufacturer

In the beginning God created heaven and earth., this is the testimony of the Word.

Anybody also disbelieves or refuses to accept this is unwise.

He is like a person who refuses to acknowledge that his car or equipment was produced by some body.

Every product is the result of a creative MIND!

Nature never produced anything of its own except what it was designed to produce.

The so called ‘scientific’ evidence pointing to evolution is a celebration of lies, half truths, suppositions, and theories that beggar belief and will require more faith to believe in than the bible account of creation.

What is the greatest proof of a creator?

You are!

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, you are a product of extra intelligent engineering.

You say but I am sick?

Fear not; your manufacturer can fix you.

That’s why He sent Jesus to fix things.

Jesus has trained ‘mechanics’ on the field, men authorized and equipped to fix you based on the specifications of the manufacturer manual.

I am one of them and so are the many sincere, genuine and truly anointed servants of God everywhere. (Luke 10:1)

All you have to do is either call on the manufacturer yourself or go to one of His appointed ‘mechanics’, you will get the help you need.

If your manufacturer can’t fix your car, I guarantee you nobody can.

But praise God, this manufacturer can fix all he has made, all you have to do is believe and go to Him.

I am not healed because I feel the absence of my symptoms. I am healed because the word says I am.

It is a mistake to look to the absence of the pain, discomfort or symptom to establish healing, instead look to the word. The symptoms will follow faith.

Satan will do everything to get me looking at my symptoms in order to bring me out of the realm of faith, were I can be defeated every time, but if I can stay in the realm of faith, I will win every time.

You too can win every time, discover the truth of God concerning your health, meditate on it until you are fully persuaded concerning what God says, then simply begin to confess and act on that word.

You say, does it work? Yes it does, God word works when you work it.

Bless you