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    He is not here; for he is risen, as he said, COME, SEE the place where the Lord lay

    And GO quickly and TELL his disciples that he has risen from the dead…..

    Matthew 24:6-7

    The first believers were witnesses, men and women of experience, people who had a first hand knowledge of Jesus and the things that accompany salvation.

    No wonder their testimony was bold and backed up by signs and wonders.

    All believers must walk the same path, we are called to come and see, then to go and tell.

    To see could be interpreted to mean to experience or to have a first hand knowledge of something.

    Is there a reason why there is little true bible witness today?

    I believe it is here, we have a large ‘population’ of Christian people who have built their lives not on a personal ‘come and see’ but on hearsay, on ritual, form and traditions that evoke a sense of godliness without the power of that comes out of a personal experience of the life of God.

    It beats me how a ‘Christian’ can deny the reality of the supernatural, of miracles, personal holiness etc if they have a personal testimony of these things the bible teaches so clearly.

    To be strong in faith, we must know for ourselves the truth that we have been taught, to be bold in our witness, to go and tell, we must have first hand revelation of Jesus and his salvation.

    If you ever wondered why people even Christian people are so easily swayed by all manner of perverse doctrines today, this is why.

    In Mark 3:13 when Jesus called his first disciples, he called them principally to be with him, you wonder why? It was because it was with him they would ‘come and see’.

    The principle is still true today; we all can have a personal revelation of Jesus if we would simply learn how to abide with him.

    Jesus said to his disciple, abide in me and let my words abide in you; this is how to have a personal experience with Jesus, recognize that his words which you hear is Jesus talking to you today.

    This understanding helped me immeasurably, I saw the bible as God talking to me and in particular the words of Jesus os his personal communication to me.

    I put myself in the place of the 1st century believers and literally walked with Jesus through them.

    When Jesus said ‘Ask and you shall receive’, I simply did as he said and the testimony was manifest.

    I have seen, now my witness of the realities of Christ and the gospel is bold, I am not swayed by the persuasive logic of men, why? I have an experience that is based on the words of Jesus to me.

    The angel invited the first witnesses of the resurrection to come and see for themselves the evidence of an empty tomb, a confirmation of what Jesus had said before.

    In the book of the Acts we read that with great power the apostles bore witness of the resurrection of the Lord.

    Child of God, you were called to be a witness of Jesus and all that he has taught, to be so you must follow the path of the first witnesses, pursue a personal walk with the Lord, act on His word and you will have experience enough.

    “The Apostles John and Peter said in the face of great opposition.

    We cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard (of the Lord).
    Acts 4:20.

    The Apostle John in the twilight of his life had this to say.

    “That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hand have handled of the word of life”.
    I John 1:1.

    This was a man of experience, one who had come and seen and now lived his days going and telling.

    Dear friend, in this day and age, people without any experience will be caught up in error and will be easily swayed by the times in which we find ourselves, times of great spiritual deception, hostility toward God and the things of God.

    But those who know their God will be strong and do exploits, they will go forth a light shinning in the darkness of this world and proclaiming with confidence the safety, assurance and salvation which is in Christ Jesus.

    You can be a part of this great army of people that is rising out of the darkness of this world, it starts with your decision to answer Christ’s invitation to you, to come and experience his life and goodness so that in time you may be able to Go and Tell of his salvation.