It takes more than prayer to get the sick healed or to receive healing, it takes prayer and faith, to tell you the truth faith will work with or without prayer, but prayer needs faith to work, without the faith element prayer is merely a ritual of ‘self comfort’.
People send in loads of prayer requests, some of them serious cases, my desire is to see a stronger faith ‘proof’ on the part of those who need divine intervention. For many people prayer is a way of putting the responsibility and burden of healing on God, but is it really His? According to His own testimony, He has already given to us all things that have to do with life and godliness through the KNOWLEDGE of Him who has called us to glory and virtue. (2Peter 1:3).
Faith is the way we take responsibility for ourselves and accept what He has already given, this faith element is seriously lacking today in our lives, we live majorly by how we feel and think and not by faith. People have died while we prayed and we wondered why this was so, we need to read the word again particularly in the gospels and see how the faith element was a very vital and indispensable element in receiving healing and help from God.
Once in a dream, I saw an acquaintance of mine, he shared with me certain facts concerning himself and his family, now in real life I was aware of some of those facts but of others I was not, ythe bottom line was He said to me ‘I am HIV positive and I don’t want to die the way so and so died, what do I do? In that dream experience I began to tach him from God’s word how to experience healing from the incurable. As I thought about this, it occurred to me that the Lord wanted me to begin to do some teaching from His word about how people can get help from the Lord, this was many years ago and I have been doing this, now if people don’t take advantage of this information (which is freely available in the word) then they are responsible for their own fate.
God through Jesus has made His will known, Healing is for us all
Years ago I had a healing school in a local Church, there was a young lady who attended and was healed of the Lord of a migraine, as she shared her testimony, she said something to this effect.
‘I was so sick I felt unable to attend the healing school, but iI said to myself if i don’t attend healing school, how would I get healed? so I came and God healed me.’ I know people in that same situation who would have stayed home and said ‘we were too sick to come’.
People came to where Jesus was ministering to hear and to be healed of their infirmities, was every body healed at these meetings? No! But some were, just as not everybody is saved at crusades, some are, so we continue preaching and believing for everyone. Some are not healed on the first day, but as they keep on hearing the word, they are built up and receive healing down the road.
Every person who is cut off by sickness is a tragic loss, many times it represents unfulfilled potential and purpose, a temporal defeat of God’s purpose in that life, yes, God is still glorified in spite of the cutting off, but it was not His ultimate and best.
By choosing to believe and walk in faith, you are reaching out for the God’s best in your life, pray, believe , act, don’t give up, put yourself in a place where your faith can be built up by what you hear, avoid like the plague sincere spewers of ‘death’, well meaning believers who don’t understand the death dealing power of unbelief, surround your self with people who truly believe and will encourage your faith ( such people are a bit rare) meet those who are called to minister healing and believe that God will meet you through those ministries, ultimately remember that it was Jesus who made healing available to you .