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set time
Servant of God, these are great and wonderful times, in my first letter to my friends & partners I shared the first part of a prophetic word that God gave to me late last year, as I shared that word it kept on coming to me so strongly to share the same with the hundreds of ministers that the Lord has enabled me to have some contact and communication with over the years, I believe that it is the beginning of a series of such ‘sharing’ that we will be privileged to have in the days to come.
Make no mistake about this dear friends, the Master is coming soon and it will be tragic if He comes and find us wanting in any way. There are three or four areas that we will need to check up on ourselves regularly;

I am doing what He has commanded me to do
I am doing it the way He wants me to do it
I am working or labouring in the work He has called me to do
I am aware of where we are in the counsel of God in these days

I am sorry to say but many ministers will be utterly shocked when they find out that their labor (if it can be called that) will be unrewarded and they are in danger of eternal loss. There is a reason why God gives us the prophetic and it is not just for the ‘blessings’ of God but to guide and position His people right in these days.

You remember that by prophecy Daniel recognised then the days of the captivity where coming to and end so He began to pray, Jesus and the early apostles continually made reference to the prophecies of the bible to determine seasons and changes in the spirit.

If you have attended any of my Apostolic Ministers Conferences, you will have heard me say that almost 20 years ago, the Lord spoke to me that in the last days He was going to restore the offices of the Apostles and the Prophets, well, we are living in that day. In the past few years we have seen the gradual fulfilment of that word, but now we are going to see the full blown manifestation of that prophetic word.

It is important that every servant of God recognises this, because even though we may not all be apostles or prophets but there is a sense in which we can all (even church members too) have prophetic and apostolic dimensions to our lives and ministries.
Back to what the Lord gave me late last year and how it affects you as a servant of the Lord Jesus,

The Lord spoke to me from Psalm 102
You will arise and have mercy on Zion;
For the time to favour her,
Yes, the set time, has come.
Ps 102:13 NKJV

I immediately recognised what the Lord was saying, God works with times and seasons, even Jesus alluded to this when He spoke of new wine in old wineskins and new piece of cloth and old one ( Mathew 9), recognising changing times and seasons is crucial to spiritual relevance.
Some years after the Lord spoke about the emergence of the Apostles and Prophets, His word came to me saying ‘Moses my servant is dead now Joshua arise’, this is also pointing to changing time, season and ministry.

Let me connect you to this, God is about to release some ministries on the earth today, some of these ministries have been around for quite a while and many have struggled to experience the prophetic word or visions that God has given to them, but in this season they are about to be released for impact and productivity.

A man of God shared a word which was so much in agreement with this revelation; He said 2014 is the year of the releasing of the arrow. He said before now God had been preparing some ministries in the way that a man draws an arrow in a bow but now God is about to release those arrows in 2014.

I believe somebody reading this is that arrow, Habakkuk told us that the vision is for an appointed town, well, this is that appointed time, the set time HAS COME! IT IS NOW.
I believe God is beginning to orchestrate events and activities that will begin to plant you firmly in the middle of His counsel for your life.

Some people are going to find out that things they were doing before that did not yield results will suddenly begin to be very productive, why? The season has changed. Favour will follow you, the resources you need will become available, the angels of God will begin to release into your hands what they have kept is toe for you for this time. IT IS YOUR SEASON OF FAVOR!
As ministers we need to be very sensitive to the Holy Spirit at this times, to be sure that we are exactly where we are called to be, doing what we are called to do and in the manner we are called to do it.

It is time to dust up all the wonderful things that the Lord spoke to you about and BEGIN to confess their establishment, those things that you have hid in your heart about His desired purpose for your life are about to come to light.
You need to be prayerful, focused prayers bringing the word of the Lord back into remembrance to Him, declaring His counsel over your life and confessing His word for your life and ministry.( Isaiah 43:26)

Why, you ask? God is accelerating His program for the salvation and deliverance of the nations, as darkness rises over the nations and the people are in tumult, the light of God’s salvation shall arise Zion so that she may become a house of refuge for all nations.
Jesus spoke to me by revelation and commanded me to begin to call His servants together and to tell them ‘the master is coming’ It is a part of my call to bring you the revelation of the apostolic dimensions of the last day ministry. I believe tht there are many who are reading now who will enter into very strong apostolic and prophetic ministries which they have been called to. They may be labouring in other offices like Paul was (Acts 13) but they are about to be released into their true ministry office.

I encourage you to be a part of this huge partnership of Apostolic and Prophetic ministers, forward this message to your friends and encourage them to prepare themselves for the ministry of this end time.
I look forward to sharing with you again something from the heart of God and also to seeing you very soon in an apostolic meeting this year.
God bless you