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standing on the promises

Just this evening I read the story of Rev Carter composer of the world famous hymn, ‘Standing on the promises of Christ the King’ which he wrote in the 1880’s. Although a Christian most of his life, it wasn’t until Carter experienced a deadly condition with his heart that he began to understand the power of the Bible’s promises. At age 30, his health was in crisis and the physicians could not help him anymore. Carter asked God for help.

He knelt and made a fresh pledge of His love for God, no matter what happened. From that moment on Carter began to hold onto the Bible’s promises, determined to believe; no matter what his physical condition, no matter how he felt. Over the next months his strength returned, and his heart was completely cured! Carter lived another healthy 49 years.

I want to promise YOU on the authority of God’s word that you will experience this same Jesus as you join us at ONE DAY OF HEALING August 30th at Sentinel Events Center, 13a Ikorodu Road Maryland, Lagos, Opposite the BRT Bus stop.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bragging on me, I’m bragging on Him. I have never healed anyone in my life and I never will but you see, He heals through me, I have seen Him do so with and without my input. He is the healer and He is the same today as He was yesterday.

Over two decades ago, Jesus took me out of my body in an out of this world experience, it was no dream or vision, I saw my body on the settee where I was lying down a few minutes earlier. He took me through space and set me down before himself and said to me ‘take my healing power to this generation’
did you notice it was His healing power and not mine? I am absolutely committed to being a point of contact between you and the Jesus who meets your healing needs, if you will let me and Him.

You can find out more on our website http://www.jesushealsthesick.com

And please do this, SPREAD THE WORD! God bless you