There were two definitive moments in the life of Jesus, the day he was born and the day he died, both were significant to his purpose and by extension to mine and of course yours.

The birth of Jesus speaks so powerfully to me even outside the traditionally understood purpose of his redemptive work, if we can put that aside for a moment and consider it in a slightly different way.

Let us consider how this is so.

God is faithful

God spoke a promise of redemption to mankind in the garden and affirmed that promise intermittently in types and shadows at different times, this promise seemed long in coming but God was working behind the scenes to bring His word to pass.

Jesus was born at exactly the right time in human history, God even had to delay the birth of John the Baptist until such a time that Jesus would be ready to come, of course Zechariah and Elizabeth did not know that! They must have fasted, prayed, wept for the child of their dreams without much success or so it seemed, if they had known the reason for the delay it may have made their burden lighter, but God does not tell us all after all we need to walk by faith.

It occurred to me that God in dealing with the promise of the saviour did not act in any way differently than he would have acted in dealing with a promise made to any other person and for any other reason, why? Because He is always true to his character, the statement God is faithful is both an affirmation of truth as well as a revelation of His character. Rest assured what God has promised he is able to bring to pass, sometimes though he may need to make some people ‘dumb’ in order to facilitate this!

The passage of time, the circumstances of life, the seeming opposition of men and devils all served to further God’s purpose and this brings me to another important observation

God can do anything

I mean, He is all powerful, few people would argue with that in theory but in practice in our day to day lives, we put limits on what God can do, we have been trained by circumstances, education, failure and even our cultures to place a limit on what is possible and what is not.

The birth of Jesus is a reminder of how nothing is possible with God, a virgin conceiving and bringing forth a child, how rational is that? But it happened! Why? Because God said it would happen because it was central to His purpose for our redemption.

Even Mary wondered, how is this going to happen? I have never ‘met’ a man.

The messenger replied ‘The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee and the power of the most high shall overshadow thee..

That is how impossible things become possible, by the power of God, this was the same mighty Spirit that transformed formless and waste space in the book of Genesis into an earth of beauty and form by the word of God.

This is the same Presence that will quicken God’s word in your life and make it happen, irrespective of how impossible it may seem. May I suggest something a bit difficult ‘get the word impossible out of your life’ nothing is impossible to God and to him that believes (in God)

The Holy Spirit is an eternal presence, that means He is present where you are right now, but what activates His power and releases Him to do for us what He did for Mary?

Let Mary answer that question for us,

And Mary said, behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word…

Elisabeth concludes the matter by giving us this insight

And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.

There you have it, simple faith in God’s word will activate the performance of the promise in your life just as it did for the birth of Jesus Christ.

God has another ‘Christmas’ experience for you, it can be your healing, deliverance maybe the delivery of a promise or an expectation. He said the expectation of the righteous will not be caught off, he was talking about you, you will not be disappointed and you will not be ashamed.

His presence and power is right where you are, can you believe? Christmas has come again, let it be a reminder to you of God’s faithfulness and ability to bring His word to pass in your lives and fulfil your greatest dreams. Can we pray?