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A couple of days ago, I had a very funny dream experience, it was a troubling one, full of activity and crises situations, the one thing that I came out the experience was a very striking statement that seemed to pierce through my sub consciousness into my consciousness and it was a simple statement from the word of God, ‘the just shall live by his faith’.
Bible students can find that statement in Habakkuk 2:4 and again in Hebrews 10:37 – 38, the background to these statements from scriptures were times of great difficulties and questionings particularly for the prophet Habakkuk, similar times to these in which we find ourselves today.

Today personal, national and world events are causing many people to fall into discouragement and despair, some people are even losing faith and giving up on God and His ways, but Jesus spoke about these times and encouraged us to hold on to our faith and confidence even in times such as these.

We may not have all the answers to the reasons why some things happen in our lives or world, to tell you the truth we are not called to have all the answers but we are called to believe in the One who has all the answers and can make all things work together for our good.

Jesus said of the times just preceding his coming ‘when the son of man shall come again shall he find faith on the earth? (Luke 18:8)
One of the reasons why people lose faith is because the system of the world turns against them and some people can’t handle it, for so long we have fed off the approval and acceptance of the world and the religious system but as the divide between the darkness and light sharpens and we take a stand for light we are discovering that the world’s systems are turning against us.

We need to understand that it was meant to be that way, the same system sent Jesus to the cross and it will compel us to carry our crosses if we will stay true to Jesus.
However we have the victory just as Jesus promised.

We need to be weaned off the approval of the world and desire the praise of God more than the praises of men if we are to be strong in these days. Too many believers are not sure of what they believe anymore, well if you are going to live by your faith you need to ensure that what you believe comes right out of God’s word and not the humanistic, man praising and politically correct teaching of some ‘man or woman’ of God.
Jesus did not promise us a crises free life, he promised us a victorious life, he did not promise a conflict free life either because light will always conflict with darkness. It is at times like these that the believers true witness is clear and God needs witnesses to shine like light in the darkness of this world.
In much of the western world there is an unbridled hostility against the way of Christ, the world is in open rebellion and it is reaping the rewards of that rebellion, make no mistake about it, it will get worse, I mean the rebellion and of course its consequences, will it get better, I pray so.
So true believers in Christ may very well find themselves in the same situation that the very first believers found themselves at the advent of the Church.
Today believers are being fined for simply taking a stand on the kind of business they can do because of their faith convictions while ministers are threatened with jail time for ‘hate’ crimes if they speak against certain moral perversions so prevalent in society.
Folks, to overcome you must learn to live by your faith

What must you do to live by faith?

Here are a few things that you can do to develop and strengthen your faith walk

1) Be a person of conviction; bible based and Jesus centered convictions
2) Develop a meaningful relationship with God and Jesus through prayer and obedience
3) Be very careful where you worship or fellowship; be a part of a true bible believing and Jesus honoring faith family
4) Learn to be bold in your witness; take the battle to the gates of the enemy
5) Expect conflict, criticism and rejection even from loved ones
6) Develop meaningful relationships with people of like faith, they are your support system
7) Identify with, support and pray for those who are going through trials of their faith for whatever reason, as you pray God will impart His perspective and peace to your heart strengthening you in the process.
8) Keep on walking in love, praying for those who will persecute and abuse you and doing good to those who wish you evil. Not returning evil for evil but rather good for evil

God bless you, stay strong, God loves you and will never leave you or forsake you.