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I want to welcome you to another year in the service of the Lord, We must be thankful to God who has kept us to see another year, ‘like the song says ‘many are dying, many are perishing, wherever I am now it is by your grace’ It is truly of His mercies that we are here.
However as we enter into this New Year I have a simple question for you, ‘where are you going’ Many people are celebrating another year but unknown to them they are walking down the same old path that they walked down the year before.

I like to remind people that God did not change over night, I mean he was not one thing on the 31st of December and another on the 1st of January, I think the most important thing about celebrating a new year is that it gives us the opportunity to re appraise our journey, restock, realign and renew, what this means is that if the year must be truly new it is because you have decided to do something new.
So what can you do to make the year new?

DEFINE your direction.

Do you have a clear vision or direction for your life or ministry based on God’s revealed purpose for you?
I think all failure ultimately begins here, lack of a plan, a road map and strategy for achieving that plan. In the Old Testament, God gave Moses and David a blue print, a plan for the building of the tabernacle, even in the New Testament, Jesus repeatedly emphasized that all he did was as the Father had shown him.
So as you begin the new Year you need to answer that question, some people refuse to do this because they feel that they lack the resources to carry out the plan, but I believe that if the plan was arrived at with God’s help, you can also be sure of that help with the resources to carry out the plan.

Learn to ask the Lord to show you what H e wants to do in you and through you, this is partly why the Holy Spirit is a part of our lives if we have believe in Jesus. He is a guide, a revealer of the heart and mind of God, you can depend on Him to direct you, living without a sense of His presence breeds frustration but living with His presence will bring you fulfilment and a sense of purpose.

DETERMINE your strategy

You can marshal out the steps you need to take to carry out the plan, some people call this goals, but without clearly defined steps that you can commit to God in prayer and which you can act on, your plans won’t amount to much.
God is a God of vision, plans, goals and purposes and He is imparting the same wisdom to us, He has great things in store for us but we need to allow him to show us what they are and how to accomplish them.

GATHER your resources

If we are going to get to where God is pointing us to in this season, we need to be able to know what we have available to us, God’s vision will not lack God’s provision, but you are looking at the bank account and there is nothing there ..yet! listen, the primary resources we need are spiritual, remember this’ God has blessed us with every spiritual resources in heavenly places in Christ Jesus’, I believe as we deploy our true resources heaven will breathe on earth and cause it to yield her desired treasures for you in Jesus Name. We have the riches of God’s word, his precious promises, the authority in the Name of Jesus, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, faith, boldness, prayer, the gifts of the Spirit , praise etc you are rich!
There are people that God has put around you to help you along the path He has called you, these are an immeasurable resources, have you recognized them, have you approached them? Jesus called those that he would and they came unto Him. (Mark 1:12- 13) I have learnt that if has called you to do anything worth the while, you will not be able to do it alone. Jesus built a team, they were his chief resources.( Look at Luke 8: 1-4)
How much do you have? Maybe not much but it might be enough to start the process, that is your seed. Sow it, begin!

ACT Now!

That brings me to this very important point, the need to be bold and courageous when stepping down the road of 2016. Listen, somebody said and it is true ‘fortune favors the bold and the brave’ what if it fails should not discourage you, the question should be ‘what if it succeeds’ don’t let the fear of failure and or success hinder you from stepping out and becoming all that God has called you to be.
There is a time to pray and a time to act, I believe that this is the time to act on whatever God has shown you of His purpose in your life, some people waste their lives fine tuning a plan they never implement, act and implement your plan as you go along. I love what Reinhard Bohnnke said,
‘I don’t strike while the iron is hot, I strike and strike the iron until it is hot’ there is no perfect plan; there is only a perfect God. So the key word in 2016 is bold Holy Spirit inspired action.
Sometimes it is wisdom to break down your goals into small sizes that you can tackle at once, for example you have always wanted to write a book, so instead of trying to write the whole book at once, simply write a chapter a day.
Find a way to work your goals into your daily, weekly and monthly routines after all Rome was not built in a day.

Be willing to change

One of the greatest enemies to God’s best for your life is God’s last blessing on you, what do I mean? Some people stay too long on the mountain of the last blessing, that they become unwilling to move on to the next mountain to conquer it. Jesus said ‘ my father is always working so I work’, revelation is progressive, understanding too.
sThe way you did it before worked then but maybe you need a new approach now. Be inflexible in principle but flexible in practice.
Nobody follows Jesus and does not see himself undergoing a process of change, sometimes painful and difficult but all the time profitable, we die, produce fruit, die again, then produce more fruit. When we stop dying then we stop producing fruit.
Change is painful because sometimes you will have to go against established practices, so we need God’s wisdom to do that but we must never sacrifice pain for gain.

I see you taking territories in this New Year, God through Jesus is slowly mobilizing his army, He is calling his generals to begin the process of mobilizing, training and releasing the troops under the direction of Jesus the commander in Chief.

I see God’s army laying an assault on the mountains of society and bringing the dominion of the kingdom there.
2016 is your year. Take it.