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When He had come down from the mountain, great multitudes followed Him. 2 And behold, a leper came and worshiped Him, saying, “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean.”
Then Jesus put out His hand and touched him, saying, “I am willing; be cleansed.” Immediately his leprosy was cleansed.
Matt 8:1-3 NKJV

These are difficult days, there is so much Jesus bashing going on that so many who believe in him are almost afraid to identify with the Jesus of the bible, but we must not get discouraged, Jesus is still the same today as He was in the bible.
It is very refreshing to leaf through the pages of scripture and see that we have an unchanging Jesus. Let me come to the subject of the story, this leprous man was in a situation many find themselves in, he was in an impossible place, plagued by an incurable condition, ostracised by friends and society and faced with the challenge of trusting in an unknown preacher who claimed God was working through him.
What did he do? He came to Jesus saying
‘Lord, I know that if you are willing you can make me clean’, there was no doubt in his mind of the ability of Jesus, (maybe all the testimonies he had heard had convinced him of this) however he was not quite sure if Jesus was willing to heal him. When I read this story, I see a honest man, a man willing to come to Jesus with his doubts. This is what I believe, that if we are willing to approach Jesus with an open mind, with honesty, Jesus will respond to our doubts and dissolve them.
Jesus answered this man, and by extension all who doubts the willingness of Go d to heal, Jesus said, I will and then he touched him and the man was healed.
Jesus is the revelation of the will of the father, if any man perfectly mirrored the mind and purpose of God for humanity it was Jesus.
Jesus went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil for God was with him, (we have an idea where sickness has its root from) 21st Century man is in a difficult position, we have tried to find answers for everything everywhere except where are the answers are, in God, we have educated ourselves out of faith and the love of God, I am all for science, technology and education , in their place.
When everything failed this young man found hope and help in God’s love and power through Jesus, Every miracle Jesus did was a testament to God’s love and power, that same God is still in the love and power industry today.
All over the world, people are sick, some are of course sicker than others but make no mistake about it, mankind is broken and sick, I mean you only need to read the newspapers or watch the news to know how broken the world is, it has always been that way, right from the fall of man. The bible says it like, this all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, simply saying, we are no longer what God intended for us to be from the beginning because of our sin. Then it says the wages of sin is death, which is saying our brokenness has consequences and we are living with them daily.
Whether it is the onslaught of disease, and mental sickness, the absolute moral depravity that grips our world, the loss of peace and sense of well being, the abject poverty and economic imbalance that characterizes our world, it is clear that man is sick. Left to our selves our sicknesses will have devastating temporal and eternal consequences.

However God has not left us without help, Jesus came as God’s agent of restoration; he came to heal us, physically, mentally emotionally, spiritually and even financially if we will let him.
All that he did on earth and by his death and resurrection was for this one purpose, to heal humanity.
This fellow must have sensed that, and he came to Jesus, well, we know what happened next, Jesus healed him.

Let me say this to those who are put off by the misuse, abuse and merchandising that some have put on in the name of Jesus, don’t worry, even Jesus was put off by those who did same in His time on earth, he actually took a whip and drove them out of the temple. Don’t let it obscure you from this truth, Jesus wants to fix your brokenness, your physical condition, he wants to forgive your sin, to love you like no one can ever do, to restore your relationships and give you a new life, if you will let him.

Be like this broken, wounded fellow, honest and simple, who came to Jesus and said ‘do you care enough to heal me? And hear what Jesus says to you, I do! To be sure for some the healing touch of Jesus will result in an almost instantaneous restoration, for some others just a bit longer, but I believe with all my heart if you would allow him to touch you, you will be healed sooner or later, hopefully sooner.

Can we pray?
Lord Jesus, I come to you, in repentance, needing your healing touch, I believe that you love me and want to heal me, forgive my sin, heal my body, restore me in every area of my life , make me whole again. Thank you Jesus!

A prayer like that saved me so many years ago, since that time I have seen many come to a place of wholeness through faith in Jesus. I will like to be able to help you in your journey. You can reach me on tonyeoliver5@gmail.com