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Isa 43:18-19

Do not remember the former things,

Nor consider the things of old.

Behold, I will do a new thing,

Now it shall spring forth;

Shall you not know it?

I will even make a road in the wilderness

And rivers in the desert.


God is revealed to us through the pages of His word, not by our feelings or by what anybody around us may say about who He is.

Here is what God says of Himself “I am the God who does new things in your life, those things may be impossible things to you but I am the one who does for you what no one can do”

As I sat meditating on the events of the last few months around my life and ministry, God spoke this phrase so powerfully into my mind ‘ the God of New Beginnings’.

I know he was speaking to me preparing me for the things He was about to do in my life and ministry, but I also know He was asking me to speak the same word into your life,  no matter where you may be right now and what you may be going or have gone through, God has a New beginning for you, sometimes all you can think about is the mistakes you have made, what others have done seemingly against you  and what the devil is raging against you, but God has a better thing for you to consider, what are those things God wants you to consider? The new things He wants to do.

Listen! God wants to do a new thing for and in you! You may have had a past ridden with sin, failures and may even be living with the consequences of your terrible yesterday, but you can have a new thing beginning today!

God has joy for sorrow, healing for sickness, forgiveness for sin, increase for lack, promotion for shame, righteousness for unrighteousness, victory for defeat and you can have them all.

How can this be?

It begins with letting go of yesterday, not considering or dwelling upon your yesterday, it doesn’t mean not learning from your mistakes of yesterday, but it means not sitting at the point of your failure, not using your yesterday as an excuse to stagnate at one point. It can begin by forgiveness, do whatever it takes to come to a point where you are able and willing to forgive all who may have contributed to where you are including yourself, forgiveness releases you to move on without the garbage of yesterday.

A friend of mine once shared a prophetic word with me ‘don’t allow the mistakes of yesterday to stop you from moving into your tomorrow’ and I share the same word with you today.

Now you may say ‘well, I don’t have any big issues in my yesterday, the same thing applies to you, you may have had some success yesterday, but you cannot see the new thing God is seeking to bring into your life, if you are dwelling on the ‘good’ of yesterday.


Get ready for new things TODAY!

Paul the apostle said we should leave those things which are behind (yesterday) and press for the things which are before us ( the new things)

Eyes have not seen, nor ears heard the things which God has prepared for them that love him, things that God reveals to us by His Spirit which He has given to us. I Cor. 2: 9 & 10

What is ahead of you is infinitely greater than what is behind you and you can have it by the power of the Holy Spirit.

 Why would God want to do new things in your life?

God will do new things for you because He loves you and wants to glorify Himself in your life, God’s biggest desire is to bring you a personal revelation and experience of His love, GOD LOVES YOU, and you have no idea what He will do in your life if you will let Him

God has not only spoken this word into my spirit but He has shown me  new things are coming to this ministry, as one who is connected to us by your support and prayers, I want you to connect with this grace. God wants you to HAVE it, but for you to have it, you must first believe it with all your heart.

No matter where you may be, God has a better place for you  and it is for His glory and your good!

 What can you do?

First believe with all your heart, then pray! Lift up your voice and begin to thank the God of New Beginnings for His promise to you, He is not a man that He will lie, confess the sin if you have to but once that is out of the way, receive His promise of renewal with gratitude and praise Him for it. You may not know what He specifically wants to do, but as you desire to experience His newness in your life, He will begin to show you in various ways the new things He will do, one thing is sure however that whatever He shows you will always be eclipsed by what He eventually does, because He does more than we ask or think.

If you are baptised in the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues,  go ahead and begin to pray in your heavenly language and trust the Holy Spirit to pray perfectly in the will of God through your lips.

As you do this be willing to change as God shows you areas where you may need to adjust, particularly in your mindset, develop a possibility and responsibility mindset, be confident, be bold, declare with your mouth ‘God is doing new things in my life, good things, better things are happening for me, He is turning my mess into a message for His glory and my tests into a testimony for His praise.

I speak new things into your life.

 I break every stranglehold that Satan has used to hold you to your past, be free in the Name of Jesus!  Receive a revelation of the new things you desire in the Name of Jesus.

 I call forth new things into your family, your business, your ministry in the Name of Jesus.

Receive wisdom and boldness to step into new ground, experience breakthrough in the name of Jesus Christ.

 I pray that the God of new beginnings will be glorified in your life in every way as you receive and experience the New in Jesus Name.